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Affordable Housing

the Concept, the Solution.

Welcome to


My intent is to initiate an open minded communication,

reflecting on life and politics of Affordable Housing.

“The Concept”, and Solution.

The only way that it is achievable is to have a clear and untarnished view,

and understanding of issues.
One has  the ability to rise above oneself, to see things for what they are,

not the way we are, and the way we want to see it.

I do not perceive things through my hang-ups and prejudices, I possess the ability to rise above myself and reflect on issues for what they are.
This is the "Trick" 

On the Wings of Creativity and Imagination, we are  Sharing and conveying our Creative Expressions and Intellectual Ideas, to Inspire the Mind and the Soul.

Thinking Requires No Money, and No Permission.
Thinking is unique gift of being.

Observe, Reflect, Contemplate, Understand.

ORCU is the Mantra.

Let the Conversation Begin.


Hello World

I live in St. Helena for the past twenty years.
I Observe, Reflect, Contemplate, and I Understand.

If you wish to express a comment, observation, idea that is

contributing and relevant to the “issue”, feel free to do so.
Ferenc Brunner, St. Helena


This Housing Concept is for

My Home Town, St. Helena,
in the Heart of Napa Valley

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I am contemplating an “Idea” that has the potential to change many lives for the better, and will be a most rewarding experience. 

The only people that  can give and contribute are those that are in the position of creative and economical wealth and recognition.

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I am reflecting on possibilities that how to reach out to the people that has that ability to independently get involved, get in the action.  

Let those that possess Money, Fame, and Exposure, which equals Influence and Control lead the struggle to make “The American Dream” become a reality.  

So, the idea is to create a national movement, outside the government and the overbearing bureaucracy.

This is the Issue, this is the Objective, to sustain the “American Dream“.

I continue to put forward Ideas, Possibilities,
“To Keep The Issue Alive“.

I put this Housing Concept on The Wings of Creativity and Imagination on The Social Media.



Life is Controlled by Circumspect, Desire and Greed.

As we observe in real everyday life the Extent of Luxury and Consumption of The Privileged that has no boundaries.

Hopefully I correctly assume, that there are in “The League of Substantial” and the Liberal Group of People in the Entertainment World, that will participate in this noble endeavor.

Here is the way I see it.

Do not  give to charity, give it to People, Give it to a Person, to inject life and hope in they existence.

Here is How; 
One Person  that contributes connect with ten people, People that are way out priced from the Real-estate Market, they financial ability limited to $1500, but the market demands $2500. To fill the gap that is where the help it needed.

A living unit sells for $300.000, a person is able to pay $200.000, ONE need to contribute $100.000 to deal.

Iit is not a Charity, it is investment in people, enable them to live a more hopeful existence. 


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