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The Impossible Dream, Affordable Housing.

The biggest predicament, the biggest challenge that people are facing is the rapidly accelerating Real Estate and Rental prices. All the higher wages and opportunities that this booming economy creates is being nullified by the  increasing price of the

Real Estate Market.

The Real estate and rental markets sucks out the oxygen from people’s basic existence.
The solutions to this critical impediment will not come from the industry and any level of the government, this fact should be obvious by now.


There are many efforts being made to develop Affordable Housing by the government and other entities, however this attempt is being undermined by all of the endless Bureaucratic and Political Process, so by the time “THEY” have arrived at the final product, it becomes, “Not So Affordable”.

With this proposed Concept one eliminates all of the negative elements, taking control, and hooray,

The Housing Becomes Affordable.


You Lead, You Control, You Deal with It.

When all else fails people individually and collectively have to take action, considering all the possibilities that are available to all of us.

I believe In Independently Functional Individuals, and the Power of a Group of Individuals.
I am basing this concept on the Collective Brain Trust, imagination, creativity and cohesive energy of these Groups of Individuals.

Create your home, generate your environment, with the collective creativity, energy, expertise, and determination of  the group.
A smart person is “ONE” that is creatively able to manipulate all available possibilities.
Imagine, Think Reflect, Consider, Understand and Accomplish.

Thinking Requires no Money, and No Permission.

It is in Your Hand, Go For It.

Here is how to approach this concept.
An Individual and a group of individuals possess the creative and economic power to accomplish the objective of creating housing that fits their budget and life style.  All this power and energy has to be concentrated in “One Basket,” in one hand, to organize and control.

How to obtain land free for multiple housing units? 

The Power of the Individual.

As a Typical Group of Twelve to Twenty Four, + ONE, Individuals or Families adds up to a Substantial financial, creative and collective brain power.

This is your asset, credibility and power to control events, the creation of your housing, your home, on a budget one can reasonably assume affordable.. 

Creating “The Group of Twelve to Twenty Four, + One.”

In a group we need legal, financial, design, developer/contractor participation.
The others in the group can be anyone that fit’s the basic rules and requirements.

 This not a “partnership”, each individual or family committed to buy, and occupy

ONE of the Twelve Units. 

This endeavor is not for speculative purposes,

this exercise is an attempt to generate affordable housing.

Creating the qualified group, (this can be the most difficult to accomplish.)

The + ONE is the ONE.
The legal, financial, design, developer/contractor participation is critical to the process, so you do not need outside professional services, this concept provides control of the process, and the price.

Acquiring land depends on location and availability. Because housing is a critical national emergency, this idea, this process has the moral support of all of us. 

Most likely the land can be had for minimal to nothing cost.

If the group is able to obtain the land free and clear, and using the system of Modern, Modular prefabricated construction, then you can achieve, and own an affordable housing unit that fits your budget and lifestyle.  

With this construction method, an average 1,500 sq.' ft.' unit can be built

for $85,000. to $100,000., that is way below today’s market price.

Can this concept be, “The Impossible Dream Come True.”

This concept only can be accomplish with multiple players and participants, (need the volume), and just the right people that are able and willing to deal with all the elements that makes this concept a reality.

It takes a “Person” who has the ability and personality to guide “The Group” through the various phases of the process, this with all the expertise being part of the group, it should be easily accomplishable.

For more information on the system of Modular Prefabricated Construction, and how to acquire free land from government and all other resources, GOOGLE provides all the information.

Enlighten yourself, so you are fully informed and understand. 

Thinking is a Special Gift of Being,

Think about it, thinking requires no money, and no permission.

It is all in the inspiring and imaginary mind that makes it happen.

Take Control.

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