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This Housing Concept is for

My Home Town, St. Helena,
in the Heart of Napa Valley

Our community, St. Helena desperately needs a community driven dialog, regarding Affordable Housing and several other issues.

Introducing talking points of mutual interest considering all available resources and opportunities.

Big problems requires big solutions, “out of box”, creative thinking. Face reality, consider all available possibilities.

The only way that it is achievable is to have a clear and untarnished view, and understanding of issues, if one has  the ability to rise above oneself, to see things for what they are, not the way we are, and the way we want to see it.

It always take “a Person” with Leadership Ability, Determination and a Well Defined Plan to Accomplish an Objective.

Our present group of bureaucracy is not equipped or qualified, and it is not their roll to deal with major problems that we are facing,

There are many efforts being made to develop Affordable Housing by the government and other entities, however this attempt is being undermined by all of the endless Bureaucratic and Political Process, so by the time “THEY” have arrived at the final product, it becomes, “Not So Affordable”.

The City of St. Helena, and the surrounding area of Calistoga, Yountville, Napa County, possessing land that Can Be Made Available for Housing, FOR FREE, Crating Affordable Housing, and a Solid Tax Base.

With the Prefab - Modular Construction Method, an average 1,500 sq. ft.' unit can be built for $85.000 to $100.000, that is way below today’s market price.


The Real estate and rental markets sucks out the oxygen

from people’s basic existence.

The solutions to this critical impediment will not come from the

industry and any level of the government, this fact should be obvious by now.


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