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Exploring This Possibility.

The wealth and power that these people all originate from the average people Of Our Country. Without these people that are willing to pay for they talent and products, would be worthless. No Fame, no Wealth.

You got a break; you give a brake.

These are the people that we have to turn to take the power  away from the overwhelming and inefficient bureaucratic system.

These are the people that are the Stars of Entertainment, Sports and other wealthy individuals that possess Money, Fame, Exposure, that equals to Influence and Control.

THEY are in control of events, THEY Can Make a Differences, THEY can Make Things Happen.

Ultimately what is the end game for people that have wealth, fame, control, exposure, luxury, the ability to contribute, initiating and financing projects to serve a noble objective, that would contribute to the wellbeing of our society.  

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